Welcome to BONKGROK on Solana, where memecoin meets innovation. Our project is driven by a commitment to fairness, transparency, and community empowerment. BONKGROK memecoin is the revolutionary of two highly pumped Bonk and Grok tokens.


BONKGROK, born from "BONK" and "GROK" Memes which flooded the web and the social with a new all time high bull run on Solana. A crypto turf war ensued until they realized unity's strength. Merging, they birthed "BONKGROK," rewriting blockchain history with a paw-sitively delightful twist! Get ready to join the BONKGROK Token revolution and experience the power of a meme turned into a life-changing cryptocurrency 🐾💰


🐶No Tax , No Pain🐶








BONKGROK isn't just a cryptocurrency; it's a memecoin extravaganza! Dive into a world where laughter and crypto collide. Our memes will not only tickle your funny bone but also set BONK AND GROK apart as the most entertaining player in the crypto space.

Zero Tax, All Fun: 🔥

Say goodbye to tax woes! BONKGROK is committed to a 0% tax policy, ensuring that the community keeps more of their hard-earned tokens. It's not just an investment; it's a journey of joy without the tax headache.

Secure and Transparent: 💎

Security is our top priority. BONKGROK operates on a Solana blockchain foundation built with transparency and integrity. Rest easy knowing that your assets are safeguarded by cutting-edge technology and a commitment to best practices in the crypto realm.


BONKGROK Mechanism

SOLANA smart chain

Continuous Development

Community Engagement

Strategic Roadmap


Hold to Earn


  • Phase 1

    Conceptualization and Planning:
    Formulation of the BONKGROK memecoin concept.
    Initial team assembly and brainstorming sessions.

  • Phase 2

    Community Building:
    Launch social media channels.
    Engage with the community, gather feedback, and build anticipation.
    Smart Contract Development:
    500 community

  • Phase 3

    Stealth launch of BONKGROK on DEX:
    Revoke Minting
    Burn Liquidity
    Burn Team Tokens
    Marketing(Tiktok, Instagram and etc)
    10,000 Holders

  • Phase 4

    Open staking for BONKGROK holders
    Collaboration with other projects
    Listing on CEX
    50,000 Holders
    To the moon


Frequently Asked Questions

0% Tax for the Community
Secure and Transparent
Almost $0.01 transaction fee

You can install any solana wallet like Phantom etc. Buy/swap on You must have solana in your wallet.

Users are free to join the community. We are active on Twitter, Telegram.